DWM Sat 5/9/15

Sat 5/9/15:
I know I was feeling pretty good this day, lets were doing good and the squatting & cleans felt great.

A. Hng Squat Clean – build to tough triple; rest as needed
These were pretty damn good. I hit them at 185, 225, 245 & 265 lbs. Not sure if I could’ve made 275, standing up that last one at 265 was rough. Videos below.




B. 1&1/4 Front Squat – 4 x 5-6 sets, build (moderate); rest as needed
These went pretty well too. I made 6 reps each time and hit them at 205, 215 & 225 twice.




B. RDL @3030 tempo – 4 x 6; rest 2min (mod-heavy load)
I was surprised at how hard it was to keep 225 under control and tight to the body. These were as difficult as always and I stayed at 225 lbs. Videos are below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

3-4x Through – AMRAP/AMSAP of each exercise
Feet in rings Pikes @5151 tempo (use straps not rings)
Banded GHD Hip Extension @5151 tempo
Hollow Body Rocks
Arch Body Rocks
Landmine Anti-rotation Rainbows @25# (no specific tempo….slow & controlled)
I really like this new core circuit. It takes some time, but I think the exercises involved are great minus the arch body rocks, it’s never fun to crush your junk every rep. Video of the 3 rounds is below.

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