DWM Sat 6/13/15

DWM Sat 6/13/15

Sat 6/13/15:
Got 10 hours of great sleep on Friday night and felt really good on Saturday morning. I went to a friend’s gym to do my training and then join his team for some oly lifting and a partner WOD.

CS – Activation
5min AMRAP @ 85-90% effort
10 BBJO @ 24″
20 Wallball
Rest 3min
5min AMRAP @ 85-90% effort
5 Strict HSPU
50 UB DU
20 WB
Rest 3min
x2 Rounds
*second round through drop the hammer on the final 5min AMRAP
These AMRAPs went well, they kind of kicked my ass, but I was happy with my wall balls in the later rounds. I told myself not to let the shitty feeling I get while doing WBs get the best of me and to just push for the 20 reps and I was able to do it every time I told myself that. That really made me happy, I think I’m getting over the hump with that movement. My scores were 2+19, 2+55, 1+39 (1 rep short of 2 rounds), and 2+9. My final score was kind of low because I missed a DU around the 30 rep mark twice on the first round of this AMRAP. I had to rest and then go after it again and that slowed me down bigtime. Videos are below.


AMRAP 1 (2nd round)

AMRAP 2 (2nd round)

CS – Rec / Plyo

Like I said above, I did some clean & jerks with their crew and then did a parter workout after I was one with my work. They were going for 1RMs C&Js so I did the same. The plan was to just go up until I missed or didn’t feel good and that actually ended in me making a PR at 295 lbs. I missed the clean at 305, but with fresh legs I know I can make it and based on the way the jerk felt at 295, I am pretty confident I can make that too. The videos of 295 & 305 are below.


The Partner WOD was as follows:
40 Power Cleans @ 155
30 Bar MUs
20 Box Jumps 30″
200m sled drag
20 box jumps
30 bar MUs
40 power cleans

It was guy/girl teams and the plan was to split the work evenly. I ended up doing a handful more bar MUs than her on the first round and then about 10 extra on the second round, but the rest we just went rep for rep with each other for the most part. My bar MUs felt pretty good, I was doing sets of 3 or 4 on the first pass through depending on if she did 3 or 2 and then on the way back I was doing 5s & 6s depending on my grip. The rest of this workout was pretty easy since we did everything in singles so I got to rest after every rep.

I had a ton of fun getting to work out with the group and I think I may continue to do this every other Saturday when I’m not coaching. Let me know your thoughts.