DWM Sat 6/27/15

DWM Sat 6/27/15

Sat 6/27/15:
Felt good going into this morning and had a great time training with Alex. Looking forward to more sessions ahead.

A. Power Snatch – 10min to build to tough single
This went great, I felt good and I moved well. I went 135-185-195-205-215-225-230-235. The last 2 were borderline, but they would be no good on the squat snatch, so I counted them. Video is below.

B. Hang Squat Snatch – 3 attempts to establish 3 RM
This didn’t go so hot, but as we discussed, I needed to do a few more squat snatches at lighter weights before just jumping into this. I went 185-205(2)-215(1). Didn’t have any trouble pulling the bar, just keeping it close enough to catch it. Video below.



Rest 15min
DL @ 275#
Strict HSPU
I did really well here. Hamstring fatigue was one limiting factor, and breathing while upside down was the other. Time was 3:38. Video below.

Rest 20min
12min AMRAP
60 DU
20 WB
10 Burpees to 6″ target
This went very well. I hit most of the DUs unbroken, all of the WBs unbroken and kept moving on the burpees. I got 5 rounds. Video below.