DWM Sat 7/25/15

Sat 7/25/15:
Felt good again in the morning. A little tired from a busy week, looking forward to getting some extra sleep this weekend.

CJ/Snatch Tech Work – 20min (light/moderate loads)
Just worked the snatch here because I haven’t done much later. Playing with a higher chest & lower butt in the set-up, but still getting my weight in the ball of my foot. It felt like it was working pretty well for the bar path.
EMOM for 18min
Odd – 1.1.1 Power Snatch @ 155#
Even – 4 UB Muscle-ups
No trouble here, just cruised along. Slipped through the rings on one of the MU sets, but saved it and went UB on all sets. No trouble with the power snatch, just tried to make them as clean as possible. Video below.

EMOM for 18min
Odd – 4 BBJ @ 24″”
Even – 5 Strict HSPU
Crushed this one, loved it. Video below.

AD/Run – 18min @ EN1/EN2
Ran around the neighborhood with my dog. Enjoyed the good weather.

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