DWM Sat 7/4/15

DWM Sat 7/4/15

Sat 7/4/15:
Felt pretty good this morning too. Shoulder was a little tight, but I think I’ve found the problem, I’m almost positive it’s my pec that’s causing the problem and when I mash it with a lacrosse ball my shoulder loosens up and everything feels better. I’ll stay on top of it now that I think I’ve found the source of my problem.

A. Squat Snatch – 3 x; rest 15sec + 2min (build to tough complex)
These went well. This was another eye opening complex where I was hitting 5 reps in a short period of time at the same weight that was my PR when I hired you. It felt great to get this at 205 and I will look for more next time. My weights were 165, 185 & 205. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

B. Front Squat – 3,2,1; rest 3min (tough across)
This wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a horrible showing either especially with the soreness in the hamstrings still hanging around from the hip extensions on Wednesday. I had a plan to go 315-335-345 which would’ve given me a 1 rep PR at 335 & a 1RM at 345. I barely missed rep 2 at 335, and decided to go for 345 anyway. I barely missed that and I think I’ll get it the next time I attempt it. Videos below.

335 (1 rep)

345 (miss)

10-8-6-4-2 UB Reps of:
Strict HSPU -> Kipping HSPU
Strict CTB Pull-ups -> Kipping CTB
Rest 5min
x2 Rounds
*every set MUST be completed UB…switch from strict -> kip in order to continue moving
These were good, the strict C2B were much harder than the strict HSPUs. I went unbroken on the strict handstands and never had to kip, the same did not hold true for the strict C2B, but I did my best. My results on the C2B were 10, 4-4k, 2-4k, 2-2k, 2 strict on the first round. The second round was 10, 2-6k, 1-5k, 1-3k, 1-1k. My times were 3:03 & 3:05. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2