DWM Sat 8/15/15

Sat 8/15/15:

A. Snatch Tech Work – 20min (moderate/mod-heavy loads)
Good work here, did a ton of sets at weights leading up to 165, my movement felt really good this morning, probably from the 45 minutes of mobility I did the day before.
B. Power Snatch – 30 for time @ 165#
All singles, no misses, minimal rest. Now that it’s over I think I might’ve been able to push the pace a little more from reps 15 to 25, but not by much, maybe just not fix the clips the 2 times I did and not get chalk the 1 time I did. Time was 4:19, which I think is pretty damn good for this weight for me. Before I started I was shooting for sub-4. Video below.

AD/Run – 30min @ EN2
Hit the AD mostly here, but I did got for a 5 minute run in the middle through the streets of SF. The gym I was at is in the crackhead part of town, so I didn’t really like running down the street too much and cut it short.

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