DWM Sat 8/22/15

Sat 8/22/15:
Slept like a rock last night, almost 9 hours, had a relaxing morning having breakfast, coffee & reading a few pieces of Champions Mind. Glutes were a little sore and so was upset back from the whole weeks worth of pulling.
A. Snatch Tech Work – 20min (moderate/mod-heavy loads)
My movement felt really good today. Forgot the SD card in my computer at home so I have no video, but it was super smooth. Worked from 45-185 here, all power snatches, lots of small 10-20 lb increases.
B1. Power Snatch – 1 every 15sec for 10 reps @ 135#; rest = time to change weights
B2. Power Snatch – 1 every 20sec for 8 reps @ 155#; rest = time to change weights
B3. Power Snatch – 1 every 25sec for 6 reps @ 175#; rest 5min
x2 Rounds through B1-B3
Never missed and never struggled here. The 175 wasn’t easy, but I was never gonna miss based on the power I was feeling today and my solid movement.
Run/AD – 30min @ EN2
Just cruised here and then did about 20 minutes of mobility after. I felt really good after this session.

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