DWM Sat 8/29/15

Sat 8/29/15:
Felt good, got some solid rest like 9 hours the night before.
A. Snatch Tech Work – 20min (moderate/mod-heavy loads)
Felt good here, worked up to 185 power snatches.
B1. Power Snatch – 1 every 15sec for 12 reps @ 135#; rest = time to change weights
B2. Power Snatch – 1 every 20sec for 10 reps @ 155#; rest = time to change weights
B3. Power Snatch – 1 every 25sec for 8 reps @ 175#; rest 5min
x2 Rounds through B1-B3
These were super smooth and I never really struggled except when I broke my fucking Klokov Bar. I dropped one of the 175 power snatches in the first cycle and something inside one of the collars broke. I’ve gotta see if I can disassemble the end and fix it, but they’re sending me a new one. You’ll see me fucking with the bar after each rep toward the end of the first video. Besides that I was just focused on working out the kinks and trying some new things. I have found that if I get my butt lower and chest higher but still find the ball of my feet in the set-up it allows for a better bar path, I just need to remember to fully extend on the power snatch so I am not just yanking it up there and 1/2 squatting as fast as possible.
Cycle 1

Cycle 2

AD – 45min @ EN1
Just cruised here, pretty boring because I was by myself, but I got it done.

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