DWM Sat 9/12/15

DWM Sat 9/12/15

Sat 9/12/15:

A. Power Snatch – quickly build to tough single; rest as needed (ends if you miss)
This piece was good, I felt good with the movement and my speed, I missed at the end trying to catch it too high and the bar got out in front of me a little. Weights & videos below. 135-155-175-185-195-205-215-225 maybe power-225 miss







225 borderline power

225 miss

16 TTB
12 DL @ 135#
8 HPS @ 135#
Rest 3:30
x4 sets
These were much more difficult than expected, mainly on the grip. Not sure if that’s just leftover fatigue from DT or I need grip strength work, but that was the main limiter here for the HPS. Times & videos below.



1:56 grip = limiting factor

Row – 500m @ 1k pace
Rest – 3:30
x4 sets
We texted about this one too. My first 3 rounds were great and then I just hit a wall and got crushed. I felt like I couldn’t straighten my legs, my quads were destroyed. My breathing became erratic all of a sudden and I did everything I could to pull a 1:46. The first 3 were all 1:35s and I thought I was going to make it, this just came out of nowhere. I’m not going to say I’m excited to do this again because it wasn’t fun, but I’ll be excited when I make it all the way through because I think this is a significant test. Monitor photo & HR data below.
91215 Monitor

91215 HR
Choice Cyclical – 20min
I hit up the AD for 20 min, it felt great and I needed it for my quads.