DWM Sat 9/13/14

DWM Sat 9/13/14

Sat 9/13/14:
Slept about 6.5 hours on Friday night and had to hop in the car at 6:30 to drive to Chico for a meeting with our priest for the wedding in a few weeks. After that I went and had 1 hour to train at North Rim CrossFit (Ryan Hignell’s gym). Body felt good in the morning, a little tightness because of the drive, but it was fine.

I 9
C 8
E 9

The training session went well. I was a little distracted being in a new place with a class going on, but for the most part the ICE was good.

A. Squat Clean – 2 perfect TnG reps on the min for 10min @ 185# (make sure you stand completely w/ the bar in rack before dropping into next rep)
This was pretty simple, no real struggle here. Video below:

B. Front Squat w/ bands – 9 x 2; rest 90sec (185# + tough bands, be explosive)
I skipped this because I only had 1 hour to warm up and do my workout and the setup alone for this one was going to take some time.
5 UB Squat Cleans @ 155#
15 Wallball
Rest 90sec
Rest-walk 8min
Now this was difficult. I hit all 4 rounds during the first set unbroken, including the wall balls and my total time was 9:05. I was pretty fatigued after each round, but I was able to fight through. The second go around I made the first 2 round unbroken, but then had to slow my pace to get the first 2 parts unbroken and then I broke up the wall balls on the last 2 rounds. My total time for those 4 rounds was 11:10. Videos are below:
Rounds 1-4:

Rounds 5-8: