DWM Sat 9/5/15

Sat 9/5/15:
Didn’t really have time to get this work done today at the gym because we got up at 5 am to start getting ready for a garage sale because we’re going to be moving starting the 18th. I skipped the MU work and did the Snatch Tech work in my garage with up to 135 lbs. Then I just went for a bike ride and jog for the cyclical work. Didn’t have the HR monitor on me, so I just did my best to monitor my pace based on feel.

Got a lot of rest this weekend, slept like 10 hours a night and took a couple naps. Good weekend to end a de-load week.

A. MU Technical Work – 20min (bar or rings…)
B. Snatch Tech Work – 20min (moderate/mod-heavy loads)
Choice Cyclical – 30min @ EN2 (rotate modalities here every 5-10min by feel)

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