DWM Sun 8/10/14

Sun 8/10/14:
Slept 10 hours last night. My lower back, glutes and hamstrings are still super tight from the deadlifts, DB snatches & sitting in the car for about 6 hours in 2 days. Not feeling so hot this morning even after a lot of rest yesterday and sleep last night.

I 7
C 9
E 9

I wanted it today, but the body wasn’t cooperating. Kind of frustrating, but my back was not happy with me.

A. TnG Squat Clean – 3 x 2.2.2; rest 20sec + 3min (heavy across…target is 80% ++)
This didn’t go so well. As I warmed up I was feeling fine and during the first round at 225 everything was going good. The 2nd round at 235 I started to feel my back get tight and I missed the bar with my right hand a couple times on the catch, which didn’t allow me to hit the next rep as TnG. Because of this I decided to go back to 225. This wasn’t my best showing, videos below:
Round 1(225):

Round 2(235):

Round 3(225):

For time @ 100%
5 Muscle-ups
20 CTB
15 GTOH @ 135#
500m Row
15 GTOH @ 135#
20 CTB
5 Muscle-ups
**fastest time so far: 8:15
On the 3rd set of squat cleans my back got SUPER TIGHT. I couldn’t stand up straight. I tried stretching it and working it with the rumble roller and lacrosse ball, but it wouldn’t let up. I decided it was probably best to not do the next piece. I want to give this one a shot soon, but today was not the day. I probably couldn’t done the MUs, C2B & row, but the clean & jerks would’ve wrecked me.
Easy recovery row – 10min
I did this piece and my back started to loosen up a little as I went along here. I rowed between a 2:05 & 2:10 pace.
Mobility -20min
I worked my glutes, hamstrings and back big time for about 30 minutes, it was feeling better, but now I’m at home typing this and it’s tight again. I’m going to take a hot bath tonight and try to work it some more. This isn’t something that is super common with me, but it has happened before. I this it’s just the result of all the posterior chain work mixed with being in a car for 6 hours in a 24 hour period. Too much sitting and not enough moving. Hopefully I can give the chipper a try soon.

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