DWM Thurs 10/2/14

DWM Thurs 10/2/14

Thurs 10/2/14:
Slept well last night, got 9 hours, felt great today.

I 9
C 9
E 10
Good training session today. I thought I could’ve had a little more intensity & concentration in the WOD, but the rest was great.

A. Front Squat- build to 3RM; rest as needed
These were awesome. Set a 1RM PR & a 3RM PR both at 315. This gives me a lot of confidence for squat cleans going forward. I went 225-255-275-295-315 & failed at 325. Videos below:



325 Fail:

B. STOH – build to 4RM; rest as needed
These went pretty darn well. I had some tightness and a sharp kind of pain in my left upper glute & lower back, so I didn’t go past 255 because I knew it was going to be rough on my middle. I think I just slept weird or something, because I didn’t notice it until the bottom of the squats, so it’s nothing major. Videos of 205-225-245-255 are below:




7 Rounds for time:
7 STOH @ 135#
7 KB Swings @ 2pood
This was good and harder than expected. Grip on the KB started to get tough. My time was 4:51. Not bad, but I think it could be improved. Video below: