DWM Thurs 10/22/15

DWM Thurs 10/22/15

Tuesday night sleep 6 hours + 2.5 hour nap on Wednesday.
Wednesday food impossible to log because we had lunch out because I picked up Kelly from work, I ate a boat load though. Dinner we ate at a concert, I had a hotdog & a pulled pork sandwich and had a PB&J when I got home.
Wednesday night sleep 9 hours

A. Split Jerk (rack) – 10 singles @ 85%; rest 2min
Made them all, but I didn’t get locked in until round 7. I had some major tightness going on below my left scap that hurt like hell every time I put the bar over my head, probably from sleeping weird or something. It made this super hard. Going to the Chiro tomorrow, she’ll clean it up. Videos below.
Rep 1-3

Rep 4

Rep 5

Rep 6

Rep 7

Rep 8

Rep 9

Rep 10

B. Power Clean – build to tough TnG double; rest as needed
Felt reasonably good here. Worked up to 235 with ease, then 255 & 265 were difficult, but I made both. Videos below.




C. Front Squat – build to tough triple; rest as needed
Felt pretty good here. Not my strongest ever, but pretty good. I went 185-225-255-275-295-305(1). I wasn’t sure where I would get here so I thought I’d try 305. My previous 1RM is 335. Videos below.


305 (1)

EMOM for 21min
Min-1 – 12 CTB Pull-ups
Min-2- 6 BBJ @ 24″
Min-3 – 8 GHD Sit-ups
No trouble here, pull-ups felt great. Video below.

AD – 30sec @ 85% effort (HR not above 170 BPM)
AD – 30sec @ 50% effort
This was much harder than I expected. I probably went more than 85% during the hard section, but I didn’t end up above 170 until the final one, so I thought that’d be ok. HR photo below.
102215 HR
ROMwod – 20min