DWM Thurs 1/2/13

Thurs 1/2/13:
Slept absolutely terrible last night, probably had something to do with being hungover and sleeping all day on the 1st. After a 1 hour nap in the middle of the day though I was ok energy wise for the workout. My quads were very sore and tight today after the WOD on the 31st. I rolled them out and stretched them all morning, but I didn’t see much improvement. I didn’t exactly feed my body the best recovery stuff on New Years Eve, so I’m not really surprised I was so sore.

A. Squat Clean – build to 1RM; rest as needed – 255 lbs
I was kind of disappointed with this result because I made 275 lbs like 2 weeks ago, but considering how sore my legs were today and that I failed 1 attempt at 255 because I couldn’t stand it up after catching it and then I went on to make that weight, I guess it wasn’t too terrible of a showing. The pulls felt good and I caught 265, but couldn’t move out of the bottom. I think with fresh legs I should be able to make 275 again and possibly 285 at this point.

B. Squat Clean – 30 reps for time @ 70% of “A” – 4:32 @ 185 lbs (70% was 178.5, but I went a little heavier because I know I can make more on the 1RM)
This went much better. I felt good throughout and was happy with my time. Didn’t miss any reps and kept the rest to a minimum. I think in the future I’ll try for more sets of 2 or 3 instead of doing all singles, but I think going with the singles worked for me today with the soreness. My lungs felt good though and my legs recovered quickly between reps.

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