DWM Thurs 12/26/13

DWM Thurs 12/26/13

Wed 12/26/13:
Got a lot of rest yesterday and felt good this morning. I don’t typically work out in the morning, but I didn’t want to do this WOD by myself, so I met a buddy at the gym at 7:45 am so we could do this before my 9 am class.

A. Power Clean – build to 1RM – Got to 255 lbs
135, 185, 205, 225, 245, 255, 265(Fail)
These went well. This is a Power Clean PR for me. My buddy said I pulled the 265 high enough, but couldn’t shoot my elbows through fast enough to catch it.

B. Power Clean – 8min AMRAP @ 90% of “A” – Completed 15 reps at 230 lbs.
I just watched the video and it looks like there’s at least 5 of these reps that were high squat cleans, not power cleans. I missed 3 reps and was getting pretty frustrated during this WOD. Not much else to say, except I’m pretty disappointed in the result, but this is something that I know is a weakness, so I know I need a lot of work with heavy power cleans.


Airdyne recovery ~10-15min
We used the rowers, but this was fine. Nothing really to report here.