DWM Thurs 3/20/14

Thurs 3/20/14:
Quads and triceps were tight this morning, but that’s to be expected after yesterday. I slept well and woke up energized though. I was pumped up to hear what 14.4 was and I like what I heard.

A. Power Clean & Jerk – TnG practice at 95,135,155# NON fatiguing
I did a few more sets at 95 that I didn’t record. I think these touch and go reps need work, but they’re feeling better. The first set of 135 I didn’t use the hook grip, but I was able to keep it during the second set and both sets at 155. I wasn’t sure how many reps or sets to do at each weight so I just did 2 sets of 5 reps. Let me know if I should have done more. I also did some power clean reps at 185 just to work on the speed in my second pull, that’s where I think I need the most work in my clean. I have a tendency to pull too long instead of being short and snappy. Videos below.

135 Set 1:

135 Set 2:

155 Set 1:

155 Set 2:

185 Power Cleans:

Row – 10min @ Z1
Run – 10min @ Z1
Row – 10min @ Z1
The running, rowing and mobility all felt good, I got a good sweat going. I should be feeling pretty good tomorrow and hopefully the quad tightness will go away so I don’t feel it in the row and wall balls.
Mobility – 30-40min

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