DWM Thurs 6/12/14

Thurs 6/12/14:
Felt good this morning, the wrist is still getting better, but not 100%. Slept a solid 8.5 hours last night, because I didn’t have to coach this morning.

A. 3″ Deficit Deadlift – 10 heavy singles; rest 2min (90-95%, perfect hip/spine mechanics)
These were good, I tried to focus really hard on keeping perfect form. After reviewing the video it looked better than the 1RM DLs I was doing the other day, but I think I still need some work on lower back strength. I hit the first rep at 385 and then the rest at 365. Videos below:
Set 1(385):

Set 2(365):

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

Set 6:

Set 7:

Set 8:

Set 9:

Set 10:

B. Wtd GHD Hip Extension – 5 x 5 TOUGH reps; rest 2min
These were good, I figured out a way to do these with dumbbells instead of plates so I could load it up more. I hit these at 110 lbs. They went well. Videos below:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

EMOM For 20min
Min-1 12 Ring Dips
Min-2 12 CTB Pull-ups
Min-3 12 HSPU
Min-4 AMRAP Double-unders @ relaxed pacing
I was actually surprised at how difficult this got after the double-unders. I wasn’t exactly sure what “relaxed pacing” meant, so I just tried to jump high and go steady without getting too crushed so I could do ring dips again after. I got 71, 60, 60, 50 & 70 DUs. The other movements weren’t too bad, the ring dips were the worst. The pull-ups & HSPUs were all unbroken. Video is below:

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