DWM Thurs 7/17/14

Thurs 7/17/14:
Slept only 6 hours last night, had to coach this morning. Body felt ok this morning, a little fatigued and the hamstrings were still really tight from Tuesday. My shoulders were also kind of tight, but not really sore. Going to get some extra sleep tonight.

A. Heaving Snatch Balance – 7 x 1; rest 90sec (build to heavy, hold bottom & top for 2 full sec)
This went well, I need to drop faster, but it got better as it got heavier and I got more used to it. I missed the 6th set at 225 lbs, but I made the 225 lbs on the 7th. My wrist is still bothering me a little, I taped it so it wasn’t terrible, but it was definitely a factor in the hold. Videos below:
Set 1(155):

Set 2(185):

Set 3(195):

Set 4(205):

Set 5(215):

Set 6(225 miss):

Set 7(225):

B. Bnk Snatch Grip Push Press – 5 x 2; rest 2:30 (195-215#, if you feel good, go for it, hold 3sec OH)
These were good. I hit 1 set at 195, 2 at 205 & 2 at 215. I think I might be able to get a double at 225, I’ll try it next time. Videos below:
Set 1(195):

Set 2(205):

Set 3(205):

Set 4(215):

Set 5(215):

C. Power Snatch x1 + Overhead Squat x3 – 5 tough sets of the complex; rest 3min (heavy across)
This was good, I didn’t feel as strong as I did with the snatches on Monday, so getting that 205 power snatch was a big deal. Nothing really to report here. My wrist was not feeling so hot by the last set, I was glad the overhead stuff was over. Videos below:
Set 1(185):

Set 2(185):

Set 3(195):

Set 4(195):

Set 5(205):

10 Alt KB Snatches @ 2pood
10 Parallette HSPU
15 Swings @ 2pood
15 Muscle-ups
Rest to full-recovery
This was just as I expected. Hard in the parallette HSPUs and Muscle-ups. I tried to break them into smart sets and not miss any reps and I did a pretty good job I think. On round 2 I missed my last HSPU and my last MU, but I guess that’ll happen from time to time. I definitely gave it my all and brought the ICE on this WOD and I’m happy with the results, but I know there’s a lot of room for improvement still with the tricep muscle endurance. I’m really happy with where the muscle-ups are now compared to where they were during the open, I think I’m way more efficient and can crank them out much better now. The times were 4:56 & 5:38. Without the missed reps I would’ve been pretty close on the 2nd round to the 1st round. Videos below:
Round 1:

Round 2:

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