DWM Thurs 9/11/14

Thurs 9/11/14:
Slept a solid 9 hours last night, finally felt fully recovered in the morning. Some soreness in the quads from the OHS & the rowing the next day. No video again today, I once again forgot the camera at home, but I won’t forget it again, it’s already in my bag.

I 10
C 10
E 9

I wanted to give myself perfect 10s, but I think I gave in a little to the pain in my shoulders during the metcon. I was struggling to press the barbell and do the HSPUs because of the fatigue from the earlier shoulder work and I think I didn’t push hard enough on the C&J’s.

A. Push Press – build to tough triple; rest as needed
I sent you the video of this, I know this isn’t typically supposed to be a 3RM, but 205 felt reasonably easy so I just went for it with the 225. My previous best was 4 reps at 205. I went 135-165-185-205-225.
B. 10″” Deficit Kipping HSPU – 8 reps for time x4; rest 2-3min as needed
These were insanely good, I absolutely crushed them. My times were 19-16-17-20 and the 20 was only because my hands landed a little weird and I had to mess around before I got going. These have never felt better and I never struggled at all until the last 2 or 3 reps of the final set.
20 Clean & Jerk @ 135
15 HSPU @ 4″” deficit
15 Clean & Jerk @ 135
10 HSPU @ 4″” deficit
10 Clean & Jerk @ 135
5 HSPU @ 4″” deficit
5 Clean & Jerk @ 135
*compare to Jan-9
This was a pretty average performance, but like I said above, I was feeling the fatigue in the shoulders on the very first rep. I hit the C&J’s mainly in singles the whole way and tried to do the HSPUs in as big of sets as possible. The trouble on the HSPUs came in lowering myself for the next rep, I typically had to kick down when it started to get dangerous lowering myself because my shoulders & triceps were smoked. My time was 10:37, which is 12 seconds faster than my previous 10:49. I think this is pretty unimpressive, but I guess it’s better than going slower. I also didn’t know what my previous time was before I started.

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