DWM TTT Athlete Camp 8/8/15-8/9/15

DWM TTT Athlete Camp 8/8/15-8/9/15

Well, here we go…

Let’s start with my general overview first. I thought the camp was awesome! Max did a great job and I learned a ton. It really opened my eyes to a lot of the things you program for me and why you do so. It also is going to be very helpful for me for our athletes as individuals and hopefully lead into me working toward some individual programming in the future. He really inspired me to learn more about the human body, how it works, and how to make it better at the specific tasks that are required for our sport.

Workout #1
A – Build to 1rm Thruster in 6 Min
Rest 3 Min
B – 2 Min Max Thrusters @ 80% of 1RM (from floor)
Rest 2 Min
C- 1 Set Max UB Wall Balls

Results – 245 lbs, 17, 51

This went pretty well, I tried 255 twice, but couldn’t get it past my eyes. Max said that I need more hip speed and increased absolute strength and lockout strength. He said that I had good positioning throughout the 1RM thruster and also a very good front squat. I told him that you and I had worked a ton on hip power and my front squat and we will most likely continue to.

Workout #2
Score A – 45 Sec Max Burpee Box Jump Overs
Rest 45 Seconds
Score B – 6 Rounds of 45 sec Max Burpee Box Jump Overs (lowest round is Score B)
Rest 45 seconds between rounds

This went reasonably well too. I did 18 in the first 45 seconds, Hignell did 22. I actually touched the box each time, he jumped all the way over. On the remaining rounds I did 15 and then all 13s there after. On the second round of 6 I stumbled slightly when I landed on rep 13 and then didn’t have time to get back over for 14 reps. Since I did 13, I just stuck to that number the rest of the way, but I was finished with 3-5 seconds left each round. I think I could’ve got 14 the whole way. Hignell did 14. My lungs and quads were on fire during this, but I was able to stay consistent.

Workout #3
Max strict MUs – 7
Max strict HSPUs – 28
Max strict Pull-ups – 18
8 Min AMRAP:
8 C2B
8 Squat Snatch 115#
8 Kipping HSPUs
8 Push Jerks 115#
My Score – 3 Rounds + 24 Reps
The maxes went pretty well, I think the strict pull-ups was a little low because of I had already done the strict MUs, but I thought all of these scores were respectable. Hignell did 12/31/28.

In the WOD I tried to keep a steady pace, but I think I lost some time going all singles on the squat snatch when I didn’t truly need to and while walking during some of the transitions. This felt like an Open WOD where if I did it again I could make a significant improvement.

Max’s feedback for me here was that I need to do a better job of controlling my breathing, especially on the push jerks. I need to relax my face and not show pain (I’ve actually been working on this since reading it in Champion’s Mind), but I guess I didn’t do a good job during this workout, haha. Finally, he said I need to work on keeping my head neutral and not sticking my neck too far through on the push jerks. I know I have a tendency to do this on thrusters and push press as well, I will pay more attention to it in my movement review and try to clean it up. Hignell did 4 Rounds + 10 reps. I had the second highest score. All C2Bs unbroken, All HSPUs unbroken, first 2 rounds of push jerks unbroken and then 4-4 on the last round. Shoulders and breathing were the limiting factors, legs and pulling felt good.

Workout #4
1 Attempt – Max UB DUs
1K Row For Time

I did 161 DUs, this is the most I’ve ever done, so I’d say it went well. I just focused on relaxing my face and breathing and that helped relax my hands and shoulders. I could’ve done more, but my rope started to fray at about 150 and I got distracted when it started hitting my arm.

I rowed a 3:12.1, which was a 7.9 second PR. Like I said I didn’t check the splits exactly, but I’m almost positive I went faster on the second 500 than the first 500 because I was trying to hold 1:35, but was around 1:36-1:38 on the first 500, then the same on the second 500, but with a kick from 150m to 0m, with the rower dipping below 1:30 a couple pulls to finish it off.

Overall it was a great weekend and my body felt good. I never beat Hignell, but beating everyone else at most of the pieces and not being far behind him on a significant quantity of the work was a confidence boost. I also felt really good about how I gameplanned most of the work and how it turned out. There were no surprises as to where I need work either, so that was a good thing because that means that we’re still driving along the right path.

Like I said before, I am really happy I went and I’m looking forward to where this education will lead me as an athlete with a better understanding of my own body and my programming and also as a coach being able to help my athletes improve.