DWM Tues 10/28/14

DWM Tues 10/28/14

Tues 10/28/14:
Feeling better every day. Eating well and sleeping well again.

A. HS Walking/Free HS Hold Tech Work – 15min
This went surprisingly well considering I haven’t practiced at all in months. I didn’t record it, but on my best attempt I made it to the end of our gym (25′), turned around, made it back (25′) and turned around again, but fell. First time I’ve ever made it both ways and turned twice.

B. Muscle-up – 3 perfect reps on the min for 6-8min by feel
No trouble here, good to get back on the rings. Went for all 8 Minutes. Video below:

C1. Wall-facing HS Hold – 3 x 60sec; rest 20sec
No real trouble here.

C2. Hollow-body Rocks – 3 x AMSAP; rest 20sec
These were much harder than expected, especially after the handstand holds. The scores were 26-23-24

C3. Arch Body Rocks – 3 x AMSAP; rest 20sec
These were even harder than the hollow-body rocks. Got better at the technique each round, but still struggled. The scores were 11-18-22

C4. Side Plank – 3 x AMSAP; rest 2min
These went pretty well, scores were 60/56-51/62-61/58
Here’s the video, pretty boring to watch: