DWM Tues 10/6/15

Tues 10/6/15:
No videos from today, forgot the memory stick at home so i couldn’t record anything. I have slept A LOT the last 3 days, but my legs are still crushed and I’m generally just down athletically. We talked and I’m going to rest up tomorrow and Thursday to recover back to 100% hopefully.

WZA Quality #1: 3-position Snatch
Tried to work up to something more than 217, but never made all 3 lifts at anything heavier than 215. Just couldn’t stick the high hang on 220 or 228. Tried 5 times at 228, but couldn’t ever make it. Everything is sore and tight still from this weekend and yesterday. Hips, ankles, shoulders and quads were all smoked, basically just not at the top of my game.
Muscle-up – 5 on the min for 6min
These weren’t easy, but I was able to go UB. Shoulders & triceps are tight still and I just generally feel tired.
Strict HSPU – 8 on the min for 6min
Same here, never didn’t go UB, but I just feel fatigued and tight. I slept a ton the last 2 days, maybe my body is still trying to catch up.
Row – 10min @ EN2
Just plugged along here, no trouble. Didn’t feel good here either though, it was a bit of a struggle for the quads to make it through.
EMOM for 15min
Min-1 – 10 CTB
Min-2 – 10 Box Jumps
Min-3 – 10 K.HSPU (5.5)
This actually went pretty well considering how shitty everything else was. Probably because I didn’t have to push the pace at all, but the C2B were good, the box jumps were easy and the shoulders felt tight in the HSPUs, but I never struggled, just worked on my mini kip.
Row – 10min @ EN2
This was a better 10 min than the first one, not sure if the EMOM loosened me up a little, but this went better.

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