DWM Tues 11/24/15

DWM Tues 11/24/15

Tues 11/24/15:

**HS Walking / Free HS Hold Skill / Play – 10min
Completed, got some good walks & a walk with 3 freestanding HSPUs in the middle.
A. Bar Muscle-up – 30 for time; rest to COMPLETE RECOVERY before “”B””
Never done this many in a workout so I wasn’t really sure how to approach it. I went 10/5/5/5/5 with the limiting factor being grip. Time was 2:31. Video below.

B. Strict HSPU – 50 for time
Crushed these in sets of 5 with the final 5 reps done 3/2 to go fast. Time was 2:04 for a 25 second PR. Video below.

3 Rounds for time
7 STOH @ 165#
7 Burpee Box Jumps @ 30″”
Unbroken, 3:35, no trouble. Shoulders were a little smoked after the other work so the STOH was harder than usual, but I did fine. Video below.

General Warm-up – 10min
AD – 3 x 12sec @ 100% effort; rest to COMPLETE RECOVERY between bouts
Running Drills/Prep – 10-15min (as needed to prep HS/calves/EST)
Run – 2 x 800m @ 1mi pace; rest 3min
Rest-walk 4min
Run – 3 x 400m @ 1mi pace; rest 90sec
Rest-walk 3min
Run – 4 x 200m @ 1mi pace; rest 45sec
Choice cyclical flush – 15min
It was freezing cold, windy and between bouts of rain when I did this. The wind sucked during 50% of each lap, but I was able to push through it to keep a pretty close pace to my mile time. Lower back wasn’t very happy about this after yesterday, but just a little tight, nothing major.