DWM Tues 11/25/14

DWM Tues 11/25/14

Tues 11/25/14:
Slept a solid 8.5 hours last night, felt good this morning. Could feel some fatigue in my arms & shoulders from Saturday plus Monday.

I 6 (8 during the metcon)
C 10
E 8

Kind of a mellow session here. I was very focused on my movement during the snatch practice & I pushed during the metcon, but my shoulders were on fire, which slowed me down.

A. Squat Snatch Tech – 15min (not above 75%)
Nothing crazy to talk about here, just working on the timing of pulling my elbows to keep the bar close. I actually didn’t go above 135 today, like I said above, my shoulders were feeling it.
5 Rounds for time:
15 KB Swings @ 2pood
10 Strict HSPU
*max effort
This went ok. I wanted to go faster, but even in round 1 I could feel my shoulders burning on the KB Swings, they proved to be the tougher part of this workout, but not in the hips, all in the shoulders. Time was 6:49. Video below:

Run – 20min @ moderate aerobic pace
Super simple here, ran a couple miles, felt really good after this.