DWM Tues 12/1/15

Tues 12/1/15:

8 Muscle-ups
10 Strict HSPU
12 Alt Pistols
24ft HS Walk
Rest 90sec
x5 sets
These were challenging, but pretty darn fun. I got all the MUs unbroken which was badass, got the first 3 rounds of HSPUS unbroken, all the pistols unbroken, and did 3 of the 5 HS walks unbroken too. Times & videos below.





Mobility – 40min (20min ROMwod + 20min on any specific targets that need to be addressed)

General Warm-up – 10min
AD – 3 x 12sec @ 100% effort; rest to COMPLETE RECOVERY between bouts
Running Drills/Prep – 10-15min (as needed to prep HS/calves/EST)
400m Run @ 1mi pace
25 UB Wallball
Rest 60sec
x4 sets
These were good, ran just below 1:30 the whole way and made all the WBs reasonably easy. Times were 2:31/2:28/2:26/2:23
500m Row @ 2k pace
15 UB Thrusters @ 95#
Rest 60sec
x4 sets
These were much harder, I tried to hold 1:45 on the rower, but I couldn’t on the final round, I was up around 1:48. My quads were just absolutely SMOKED. All Thrusters were UB in all rounds. Times were 2:30/2:37/2:50/2:45
Choice cyclical flush – 15min
Completed on AD

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