DWM Tues 12/15/15

7min AMRAP
2 Muscle-ups
4 DL @ 315#
**top score from camp: 11 Rounds, 10 Rounds is competitive in ELITE division @ WZA / Regional Level
9 rounds + 8 reps. Like we discussed, the breathing was the limiter, I think it’s just leftover from the cold I had because I was having trouble breathing while upside down in the HSPUs. If I had 5-10 more seconds I could’ve got 10 rounds. Video below.

Mobility – 40min (20min ROMwod + 20min on any specific targets that need to be addressed)

General Warm-up – 10min
AD – 3 x 12sec @ 100% effort; rest to COMPLETE RECOVERY between bouts
Running Drills/Prep – 10-15min (as needed to prep HS/calves/EST)
3 Rounds for time
30cals AD
20 Alt Pistols
10 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @ 155#
This blew up my quads. Used the HR monitor for the calories and the first 30 took forever as my heart rate was building. Time was 11:49. Did all pistols UB, did the HPC&J in 5/5 each time. Video & HR photo below.
121515 WOD HR
Row – 5 x 200m @ 1k pace; rest 20sec
Rest 5min
x2 rounds
Completed. Did this too soon after the 3RFT, so I wasn’t able to hold the pace I wanted, but I got the HR up pretty consistently, which is the purpose here, so I was ok with it. HR Photo below.
121515 Row HR
Choice cyclical flush – 15min

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