DWM Tues 1/2/16

DWM Tues 1/2/16

Woah, I’m way behind on the blog. Gonna try to catch up tonight…
A. Power Clean – build to tough TnG double; rest as needed
Wasn’t feeling 100% here and my toe was fucked on Saturday. I got up to 265 and barely missed the second rep on 275 twice. Videos below.
265 attempt 1 – rep 2 miss

265 attempt 2 – make

275 attempt 1 – rep 2 miss

275 Attempt 2 – rep 2 miss

B. Overhead Squat – build to tough triple; rest as needed
This was pretty damn good, probably could’ve gone heavier. I got to 285 without any trouble or misses. Videos below.
265 OHS

285 OHS

Tommy V
This was really freaking hard, I was not prepared for the rope climbs to be so difficult. Time was a disappointing 12:58. I think I’m capable of better, this wasn’t the best day of training, but I need work to get closer to 10 min and be middle of the pack at regionals. Video below.

3min AB
3min Row
3min Run
x3 Rounds @ EN2