DWM Tues 12/29/15

Tues 12/29/15:

Rest / Swim / Mobility @ hotel
Went to the AM class because I missed yesterday. Worked up to a set of 5 DLs at 365 and then did a reasonably easy double at 405 while trying for 5. The last set was with metals on the bar so I didn’t get much of a bounce.

After that we did death by Russian KB swing at 70#. I figured this would be good for me because I can always use some grip work. I went UB up through 24 rounds. Then went 10/8/7 on 25 & then got 21 swings on the round of 26. Limiting factor here was grip. I was proud of my will power here though, especially through 24 unbroken. There was a pretty big guy there that made a 455 deadlift for 5 easily, but I was determined to beat him on the KB and I did, felt good about that.

20min AMRAP
20 OHS @ 95#
20 TTB
20 Burpees
I could definitely feel the humidity and the grip from earlier in the day. Also, after about 10 min I didn’t have much energy in the tank because I don’t really have access to my regular food intake, just haven’t eaten much. I put down 5 rounds + 20 OHS + 15 TTB. I went UB on the OHS every round, UB on the first round of TTB and then 10/5/5 after that, then just steady on the burpees. I think if I hadn’t done the death by in the morning I could’ve done the TTB faster, maybe got through 6 rounds.
Mobility – 20min

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