DWM Tues 3/16/15

DWM Tues 3/16/15

Tues 3/16/15:
Definitely feeling it in the quads and shoulders in the morning, legs didn’t feel so bad once I started moving.

I 10
C 10
E 10
This was a great session. I was very focused and pushed myself on the squatting and on the thruster/burpee combo.

A. Power Clean x1 + Hang Squat Clean x1 – 1 set of the complex on the min for 6min (205-225# by feel)
I wasn’t feeling great on the PCs & HSCs, but probably because I haven’t done many since I broke my wrist. Just need to do a few more of these to clean up the movement. The hang squat cleans were better than the power cleans. Never really struggled making the lifts, just didn’t feel 100%. I did 3 sets at 205 & 3 sets at 225. Video below.

B. HB Back Squat – 5,5,5; rest 3min (build quickly, to mod-heavy)
These were good. I went 295, 315 & 335 and never really had a ton of trouble, but it was definitely heavy. Videos are below.



20 UB Thrusters @ 95#
20 BF Burpees
Easy Row to full-recovery
These were great and I’m really happy with how my bar facing burpees are progressing in efficiency and speed. Times were 1:37, 14:42 & 1:35. Videos are below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Row – 20min @ Z1
Not a ton to report here, just rowed to sweat and breathe as usual.