DWM Tues 4/21/15

DWM Tues 4/21/15

Tues 4/21/15:
Slept almost 9 hours last night and took a 1 hour nap today. Body felt good in the morning with minimal fatigue after a good nights sleep.

I 9
C 8
E 9

Good session here. I was a little distracted with friends at the gym during the first 3 pieces, but I still did pretty well. Everyone was gone and I put in some solid work on the intervals.

A. Freestanding HS Hold Practice – 10-15min (start w/ wall-facing HS holds attempting to remove feet from wall….progress into full FrHS hold)
This was better than last week, but still not great. Going to probably be a few more weeks before I’ve really got it down. Video below.

B. Body Levers w/ knees tucked – accumulate 15-17 total reps (maintain straight body-line)
I was able to keep a much better straight body line and control to the floor. Much happier this time around. These are still difficult though. Video below.

C. Band Assisted back lever – accumulate 90sec in back lever position
I used 1 step down on the band this time around and it was much more difficult. I did the 90 seconds in 6 sets of 15 seconds. Video below.

AD – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 3min
Row – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 3min
Run – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 5min
x3 sets
*target HR is 170-180 BPM (Threshold)
I was never able to get my HR above 170 on the AD or Rower because of fatigue in my legs before I could get to that point, so I just did my best to give as much effort and get my HR as high as possible in the 3 minutes. I was able to get above 170 during the run, but the fact that I’m a better runner probably has something to do with that. In terms of difficulty, the AD was the worst, then rowing, then running. My HR readout is below.
42115 HR
AD – 20min @ Rec pace (100-120)
This was simple and mellow. Not much to report here.