DWM Tues 4/28/15

DWM Tues 4/28/15

Tues 4/28/15:
Didn’t get a ton of sleep last night, about 7 hours, but I got a 2 hour nap on Monday, so between the 2, I got some good rest. I had to coach at my old High School today at 9 am, and since I had to coach in the afternoon I ended up having to train at 6 am.

I 7
C 9
E 9
I thought my concentration and effort were good, but it was tough getting the intensity up so early in the morning training by myself. This was also a really long session, almost 3 hours total, so it was a rough one.

A. Freestanding HS Hold Practice – 10-15min (start w/ wall-facing HS holds attempting to remove feet from wall….progress into full FrHS hold)
These are really a pain in the ass, not sure if I’m getting better, definitely not worse, but at 6 am they weren’t a fun way to start a session, haha. Video is below.

B1. 6″ Deficit Strict HSPU – 6 x AMRAP UB: rest 30sec
Now this is the fun stuff, haha. I thought I did pretty well here with scores of 8-6-6-6-6-4. I should’ve been able to get more than 6 on round 2, but I lost my balance. The others were all out efforts.
B2. Wall-facing HS Hold – 6 x 30sec UB; rest 3min
No real trouble here, just the typical burning in the shoulders. I was never really at risk for not making it the full 30 seconds, but these weren’t amazingly fun. Videos of the rounds are below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

C. Strict Lean-away CTB @4111 tempo – 6 x AMRAP UB; rest 3min
These went pretty well, I was hoping to get more than I did, but they’re pretty difficult especially with the tempo. I got 3-4-4-4-3-3 with all rounds ending with a rep 1-2 inches short of C2B. The 4 second tempo on the eccentric is tough here, but I think I did reasonably well. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

AD – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 3min
Row – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 3min
Run – 3min @ 90% effort
Rest 5min
x3 sets
*target HR is 170-180 BPM (Threshold)
*compare scores to last week
I gave this some pretty good effort, my quads were on fire again and I could really feel the fatigue from yesterday and the week before. The rowing was the most difficult, I felt like I just didn’t have much in my legs to push with, but I gave it a good effort. I wasn’t sure what “scores” were meant to be recorded last week, so I didn’t have anything to compare them to this week, but I can in the future if we keep doing this, just let me know what to record. For now, I just have the HR results, photo below.
42815 HR
AD – 20min @ Rec pace (100-120)
Not much to report here, just plugged along.