DWM Tues 4/8/14

DWM Tues 4/8/14

Tues 4/8/14:
Slept well last night and the 25 min row was good this morning.

A. Squat Snatch – 1 TOUGH rep every 30sec x4; rest 2min x3
Struggled with my movement on the squat snatch and everything felt really heavy, so I did 1 set at 165 and 2 sets at 185. It got better as I went along and got a better feel for what I was doing wrong. My shoulders were pretty smoked from yesterday, so the catch was kinda difficult too.

185 (Set 1):

185 (Set 2):

B. Muscle-up – 3 UB reps every 20sec x3; rest 90sec x3
The muscle ups were really good. You said 3 reps every 20 seconds, and I wasn’t sure if that meant 20 sec rest or 20 seconds total including the 3 reps. I went with 20 sec rest because I didn’t think I could recover in the 10 seconds remaining after I did 3 reps. The hardest part here was grip, my hands were killing me (super painful), more on this later.
Sets 1 & 2:

Set 3:

EMOM for 7min
5 TnG Power Snatch @ 95#
5 Box Jumps @ 24″”
5 Burpees
Rest 5min
The EMOM was pretty difficult, but went well. It felt like it was never gonna end, but I have a feeling that was on purpose.