DWM Tues 5/14/14

DWM Tues 5/14/14

Tues 5/14/14:
Legs were completely smoked from Monday, but that’s a good thing. I spent some time on the foam roller and hitting some mobility for my glutes and hamstrings and they felt better later in the day after I’d moved a little. Slept a solid 7 hours Monday night.

A. Push Jerk – 5 reps for time @ 185-205# x5; rest 3min
These were good, but I know I still need work. I am better with my footwork and elbows, but I need more practice catching the bar in a good location on my shoulders to go right back up with it. Videos below:
Set 1(185):

Set 2(185): No Video
Set 3(195):

Set 4(195):

Set 5(205):

B. Wtd. Pull-up – Build to 3RM; rest as needed
These went pretty well too. On the 3rd rep at 75 lbs, my left shoulder did something funky, it didn’t hurt, but it almost felt out of position or disengaged and I couldn’t get it back to where it needed to be to continue to pull, I got about half the way up. Video below:
Set 1(60):

Set 2(65):

Set 3(70):

Set 4(75, 2 reps):

CTB Pull-up
This workout was awesome, I loved it. Somehow I missed getting to my chest on the 30th rep of pull-ups, but doing 29 CTB unbroken was pretty awesome, my butterfly felt good. The HSPUs went pretty well, I might’ve gone a little faster with slightly shorter sets, but I’m not sure if it would’ve been by much.

Row – 20min @ Z1
This was pretty boring, just got the lungs going and was sweating a lot.