DWM Tues 5/19/15

DWM Tues 5/19/15

Tues 5/19/15:
Slept well last night, got almost 10 hours which was awesome. Felt really good in the morning.

I 10
C 8
E 10
Pretty good session here. The freestanding went really well and I think that paved the way for a good remainder of the session.

A. Freestanding HS Hold Practice – 10-15min (start w/ wall-facing HS holds attempting to remove feet from wall….progress into full FrHS hold)
I was amazed at how well I did on this today. Not sure exactly what tipped the scales in my favor, but I was totally in control even later in the 15 minute window when my shoulders began to fatigue. I’m very interested to see how my handstand walking is going to be now. Hopefully next time we do this I haven’t lost the touch. Video below:

B. Strict HSPU – 50 reps for time; rest at least 10min
Set a 16 second PR here going 3:09 down from 3:25 previously. I think I can go sub-3 if I go a pinch slower at the beginning because I really hit a wall around 38 or so reps. Video below.

C. Strict CTB Pull-up – 50 reps for time
These were very hard. My plan was to do this the same was as the HSPUs in sets of 5 and then 3s and 2s, but I soon found that it was much for effective to just do singles. My total time was 7:56. I would like another shot at this one to see how fast I could go if I just went singles much sooner. Video below.

Run – 6 x 400m @ 1mi pace; rest = work
*target HR is 170-180 BPM (Threshold)
Not much to report here, pretty much the same as last week. Ran most of the laps around the 1:20 mark, a couple just short of it and never really struggled. I could definitely feel some fatigue in my legs from the day before, but it didn’t really slow me down during a single lap.
AD – 20min @ Rec pace (100-120)
Nice and easy. Heart Rate photo below.
51915 HR