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Tues 5/5/15:
Got about 8 hours of sleep last night, was feeling a little weak in the morning. I think the weekend took more out of me than I expected, but when I think back on it, being switched on for 16 hours, hitting a pretty tough workout on Saturday & lifting heavy on Sunday in addition to all the standing and different reps in the small groups will add up to just draining the battery.

I 9
C 8
E 10
This session was pretty good. I didn’t feel strong in the back squat, but I never missed and the rest went really well. I forgot my camera at home, so I don’t have any video.

A1. HB Back Squat – 4 x 3; rest 2min (90% of tough triple from Apr-27 across)
I hit these at 330. This felt heavier than I expected, but I never missed any reps, so that’s good I guess.
A2. Clean Grip 3″ Deficit DL – 4 x 5; rest 2min (pause & reset @ bottom, build, no straps)
I did these at 275, 315, 345 & 365 without any trouble. Grip was one of the toughest parts. I did my best to get my butt down and really drive like I was going to do a clean, rather than just a deadlift.
B1. 6″ Deficit Strict HSPU – 6 x AMRAP UB: rest 30sec
I ran into more trouble here with balance than anything. I went 7-5-11-8-8-7. The first 2 rounds I came off the wall well before I was fatigued because of balance, but since it said UB, I just called them where they were.
B2. CTB Pull-ups (butterfly) – 6 x 15 UB reps for time; rest 3min
No trouble here at all. I made all sets of 15 easily. The times were all 16 or 17 seconds total.
AD – 5min @ EN1 (120-140)
AD – 5min @ EN2 (140-160)
x3 Rounds
This went well. I was charging my phone because it was about to die during the first 5 min section, so I was a little over 140 because I wasn’t looking at the HR monitor, but I grabbed it after that first 5 min and the other pieces were all within the HR zones. HR Pic below.
5515 HR

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