DWM Tues 6/17/14

Tues 6/17/14:
Slept a solid 8.5 hours last night, Anthony coached this morning. Lower back and hamstrings were absolutely smoked all morning, but I was expecting that after the deficit DLs & the GH raises yesterday.

A. Banded Snatch Pulls – 2 Moderate TnG reps on every 30sec for 15 total sets (bar should be 165, band should be moderate)
This went well, I felt pretty good throughout. I just tried to focus on keeping my chest high and making good contact at the hip while getting vertical once I found the hip. Video below:

Row – 175m @ 100% effort; rest 90sec x4; rest 4min x3
This was quite possibly one of the most horrible things I’ve ever done. 175m was just the right distance to be able to go extremely hard and never give in, but far enough to hurt. My hip flexors were absolutely crushed and even my abs were hurting by the end. The 3rd round of the 2nd set is where it really started to get horrible and I just tried to find some rhythm and pull hard. The times are below.
Set 1:
Round 1-29.1
Round 2-29.2
Round 3-29.9
Round 4-30.4
Set 2:
Round 1-31.0
Round 2-31.5
Round 3-32.5
Round 4-33.0
Set 3:
Round 1-32.2
Round 2-32.4
Round 3-32.3
Round 4-33.0

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