DWM Tues 6/23/15

Tues 6/23/15:
Got a ton of sleep this evening, about 9 hours, but felt kinda sore from all the work the day before. I guess that’s to be expected, it was a pretty good amount of volume. I got more and more sore throughout the day, but I was alright come Wednesday so that’s good.

CS Activation & Recovery
Run – 4 x 800m @ 1mi pace; rest 3min
Didn’t really have any trouble here, it’ll be interesting to see what my mile time ends up being. I ran my 800s in 2:49-2:48-2:46-2:47.
AD – 20min @ Rec pace (100-120)

Not much else to report here except that I did the CS & AD & IPSC as you requested and felt fine when I ended my session.

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