DWM Tues 7/14/15

DWM Tues 7/14/15

Tues 7/14/15:
I got a lot of rest during our trip, but also consumed a lot of food and a couple gallons of tequila. Only put on about 5 lbs though and that should come right off as I clean up what I eat over the next few days.

AD – 20min @ EN1
AD – 15min @ EN2
AD – 10min @ EN3
No trouble here, just a good breathing and sweat session. HR photo below.
71415 HR
20min – Ido Portal Locomotion Routine + Play (incorporate other locomotion modalities here at your discression)
This was good. Like I said I can’t do that upside down exorcist walk, but I’ll keep working on it. The others I can do well so I hit them up a handful of times each up and back in the gym.

A. Squat Clean – 3 x; rest 20sec + 3min (185/205/225# by round)
These cleans were much better than those power cleans we talked about. I tried to shrug a little earlier and get the bar farther up my quads and deeper in my hip and it worked well. Videos below.



B. Clean Deadlift – 3,2,1; rest 3min (build to tough single)
I set a PR here with the 455 lb DL, but I’m not really happy with my performance. I have trouble finding tension in my hamstrings off the floor because I am so flexible in the hamstring. I think I need to get my butt back further and be more in my heels before I try to lift the bar. I’ll try this next time. I think I have more in the tank as long as I can get the bar moving. Videos below.
405 for 3

435 for 2

455 for 1

C. Shoulder Press – 3,2,1; rest 3min (build to tough single)
This was awesome. I went for 155 for 3, 175 for 2 and 185 for 1. Since 185 was a PR single and I had never had it feel even close to that easy, I decided to go for another single at 195. I made that too for a 20 lb PR. Videos below.




D. Wtd. Hanging Knee Raises – 4 x 10-12; rest 90sec
Used a 25 lb weight. No issues here. Probably go heavier next time or more reps. Video below.