DWM Tues 7/21/15

DWM Tues 7/21/15

Tues 7/21/15
Slept like a champ last night, 8+ hours of good sleep, I felt awesome this morning minus a little plantar irritation from all the running yesterday. It went away in minutes though and I’ll work on it today/tonight so it shouldn’t pose a problem.

A. Split Jerk Tech/Mechanics – 15min (working up to 1-2 perfect reps @ 225#)
No trouble here, this actually felt really good today. I chose to go 135-165-185-205-225 doing a handful of reps at each. Video below.

B. Squat Clean & Split Jerk – 3 x; rest 20sec + 3min (205/215/225# by round)
This was good too, nice to get some work in with this combination. HR and breathing got up there and the rest seemed much shorter than it actually was, but I never missed or even came close to missing. Videos below.



Rest 2min
x3 Rounds @ EN3/Threshold (160-180 BPM)
This was the fun part of the day. It was just interesting to try and pace this workout instead of just hit it balls to the wall because that’s typically how I would do Helen. I felt like I had to run uncomfortably slow on each round to keep my HR in the desired zones, I was constantly looking at my phone and adjusting my pace.

Grip on the KB became a factor during Helen2, but I was able to make an adjustment and get the KB deeper in my hand during round 3 and then I could go UB again. The grip was also a factor on the pull-ups. I probably could’ve toughed them out, but I would’ve ripped my hands for sure. I decided to err on the side of caution and keep my hands free of blood so you’ll see me do sets of 6 & 3 as it gets later in the 9 total rounds.

I will say that making myself run slower definitely made the KB swings super easy and my legs never really felt fatigue, just grip & lats.

The times per run +/- 5 seconds because I can’t tell when exactly I leave and when i come back in are as follows:
run 1 – 1:30
run 2 – 1:45
run 3 – 1:35
run 4 – 1:50
run 5 – 2:00
run 6 – 1:50
run 7 – 2:00
run 8 – 2:05
run 9 – 1:55

Helen #1

Helen #2

Helen #3