DWM Tues 7/7/15

Tues 7/7/15:

CS Activation & Recovery
Row – 10min (4/3/2/1min @ 75-80-85-90% effort)
HR photo below.
7715 - Part 1
Row – 60sec @ 2:00 pace
Row – 30sec @ 2:15 pace
HR photo below.
7715 - Part 2
Rest – 3-4min
Row – 30min for max distance
*report HR metrics, average pace, total distance
This pretty much sucked. It was much more difficult than I was expecting. I thought it would be a grind, which it was, but I was not expecting all the things that happened during that aren’t as common in shorter distances and I think I can make a huge improvement just by being more prepared next time. Some of the things that happened that stopped me at points for 10-15 seconds were too much sweat to hold the handle (I will wear wrist wraps next time to catch the sweat and also wear a shirt and have a towel handy to wipe with), lower back getting lit up (I will just know to expect this), feet going numb (I literally got off the rower twice because I couldn’t feel my toes, I will wiggle my toes every minute or so next time).

I ended up rowing 7,437 meters, but I think with being more prepared I can easily row another 200-300 meters. Add to that a slower pace to start so that I can be more consistent throughout and I think this number is closer to 8k. I know we will be testing this again, so I will be more prepared. Average HR was 165 & Max HR was 178.

HR & split time photos are below.

7715 - Part 3 - Row 30min

7715 - Row 30min - Concept2 Splits Pic
Mobility – 20min

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