DWM Tues 8/11/15

Tues 8/11/15:
Getting back into the swing of things here. Still feeling a little fatigue and not truly as powerful as usual after the weekend, but I made it work. I got a ton of sleep on Monday night, which was great.

A. Clean & Jerk – 20min tech work (mod/mod-heavy loads, video review)
Used the BAM video to clean some of my movement up here, I’m getting better and better at cleans. They still need work, but I’m starting to get more comfortable.
B. Clean & Jerk – 30 reps for time @ 225#
This was HARD! I wasn’t expecting it to be as difficult as it was, but I think the load mixed with me not feeling my most powerful really made this worse. I did all singles and just tried to keep them clean so I didn’t have any misses. I actually got better as I went, I started to catch the bar slightly lower, but still a power clean and this made a big difference. Time was 12:46. Video below.

Row – 3 x 2k @ 1:56 pace; rest 60ses
Made this work, had to dig a little on the last one, but I was under the wire the whole time. Erg screen below.
81115 Erg

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