DWM Tues 8/18/15

Tues 8/18/15:


PM **you can begin to split this session AM/PM if needed**
A. Squat Clean & Jerk – mechanics/tech work 20min (focus on complexes / block or hang work)
Felt a little slow and fatigued in the legs during this, but it was a good warm up piece to help shake the rest of the cobwebs from the strength work during yesterday’s PM session.
B1. Squat Clean & Jerk – 1 every 15sec for 10 reps @ 155#; rest = time to change weights
B2. Squat Clean & Jerk – 1 every 20sec for 8 reps @ 185#; rest = time to change weights
B3. Squat Clean & Jerk – 1 every 25sec for 6 reps @ 205#; rest 5min
x2 Rounds through B1-3
No trouble here, I went with a thruster jerk out of the squat clean, this was pretty efficient and saved me a few seconds so I could rest before the next one. I accidentally used 165 instead of 155, but I don’t think it made too much of an impact. They added up by the end of each weight, the last couple reps were definitely not easy. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

1k Row @ 1:56 pace
30 Airsquats w/ 20# vest (transition as quickly into & out of vest as possible)
8 BBJ @ 24″
Rest 60sec
x3 Rounds
These were good, kept the pace on the rower the whole way and didn’t have much drop off between rounds. Times were 5:17-5:23-5:23. Video below.

1k Row @ 1:56 pace
15 Overhead Squats @ 95#
50 UB DU
Rest 60sec
x3 Rounds
Same here as above, no real trouble. The OHS felt good, I’ve been working on a narrower grip & stance and it’s more sturdy. Times were 5:09-5:15-5:14. Video below.

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