DWM Tues 8/4/15

Tues 8/4/15:
I was pretty worn out from the day before, those freaking wall walks & TTB crushed me. I was also just generally fatigued I think because I felt like I didn’t have any pop in the power clean and I was beating up my collar bones.

A. Split Jerk Tech/Mechanics – 15min (working up to 1-2 perfect reps @ 245#)
No trouble here, felt good all the way to 245.
B. Power Clean & Split Jerk – 5 x; rest 20sec + 3min (225# across)
These were hard on the cleans, but easy on the split jerks. Like I said above I felt like I didn’t have any pop or there might’ve been something mechanically wrong with my movement this day, but I can’t really find anything in the video that is consistent, a few bad reps here and there, but nothing major, I’m guessing most of the variation was because I was searching for a good feeling and trying different stuff, but I never really found it. To add to this, I even set up the BAM video for the last 2 rounds to see if I could find anything, but it all looked good, just not powerful. I never missed any reps, so that’s good. Videos are below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

1k Row @ 1:56 pace
10 UB Thrusters @ 95#
10 BBJ @ 20″”
Rest 60sec
x3 Rounds
These went well, quads were on fire each round, but I pushed through. Times were 5:03-5:22-5:28. Video here got corrupted. Not sure why, but there wasn’t much to see anyway I guess.
1k Row @ 1:56 pace
25 UB Wallball
50 UB DU
Rest 60sec
x3 Rounds
These were better than the ones above, didn’t ever miss or have trouble going UB. Times were 5:31-5:38-5:35. Video below.

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