DWM Tues 9/1/15

Tues 9/1/15:

A. MU technical work – 20min (bar or rings whatever works w/ class layout)
Did some of both, my hands weren’t feeling great so I didn’t do any large sets, but my bar MU was really clean and I did some really easy sets of 5.
B. CJ technical work – 20min
Did some lifts at 95, 135 & 185. Then I decided to do a gauntlet up to something difficult, but not impossible. I went from 185 to 275 pretty easily with no misses. Video of the gauntlet below.
Row – 12min @ EN2/EN3
AD – 12min @ EN2/EN3
Run – 12min @ EN2/EN3
Nothing really that important here. HR Data below.
9115 HR
Mobility – 30min
Did ROMWOD again today. The poses were puppy dog, forward fold, straddle, pigeon, downward dog.

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