DWM Tues 9/2/14

Tues 9/2/14:
Slept a good 9.5 hours last night and felt pretty darn good in the morning. Some soreness and tightness in the shoulders from the day before, but that was to be expected.

I 9
C 9
E 9

This was a pretty good training session. I was a little disappointed in the result of the hang power clean repeats (I had some major trouble holding onto the bar) and the burpees weren’t as quick as I would’ve liked, but I got a PR and I gave all the work everything I had, so that was good.

A. Hng Power Clean – 10min to build to 1RM; rest as needed
I know you know how this went, BOOM, 290 lb HPC, which was a 15# PR. I still think I can make more and I think there’s some room for improvement keeping the bar even closer to me than I did on that final lift, but I felt like my movement only got better as the bar got heavier, which was a positive. I went 245-265-275-280-285-290. Video below:

B. Hng Power Clean – 6 UB sets of 5 @ 80% of “A” for time
This wasn’t so great. I hit this at 235, but wasn’t able to complete it. I was having A LOT of trouble holding onto the bar and after the first rep in the last set I crushed my quad pretty good and decided to just shut it down. I actually separated my quad muscle and had a huge contusion in my leg for about 6 months a couple years ago while doing some hang cleans while fatigued, so sometimes I get a little nervous when I catch one kind of heavy off the quad instead of in my hands. I got the first 4 sets of 5 completed UB. Then I did 4 & 1 for the 5th set and I only did 1 rep on the final set. I didn’t give myself a time because I didn’t finish, but I finished the 5th set around the 10 minute mark. Video below:

C. 3″ Deficit Deadlift – 6,6,6,4,4;r est 3min (match Aug-25)
These went well, still just trying to work on keeping my lower back strong throughout this movement. I didn’t see any major problems in the videos and my legs were definitely challenged, so I think I did pretty well. I went 315-345-345-365-365. Videos below:





D. 15 Burpees AFAP x 6 sets; rest as needed to match scores
These went good, not great. After the hang power cleans I had some tightness going on at the top of my lat where it meets my rotator cuff. It almost felt like it was cramping during these burpees. This made the push-up part a little hard and after round 1 I only put my left arm above my head because it was extremely tight otherwise. It’s much better today and I had the chiropractor do some A.R.T. on it and rocktape it, which seem to be helping. Times were 27-27-27-28-29-28. Videos below:
Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

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