DWM Tues 9/30/14

Tues 9/30/14:
I 10
C 10
E 10

Another great session. No problems here except I still struggled with the 10″ def HSPUs. I kept my composure and focus though, which was really good.

For time:
20 Deficit HSPU @ 2″
30 Pull-ups
Rest 30sec
15 Deficit HSPU @ 6″
Rest 30sec
10 Deficit HSPU @ 10″
10 Bar Muscle-ups
My time was 9:14. Previous time was 11:25, so I went 2:11 faster. 10″ Def HSPUs were still the limiting factor, but they went better than last time. The Bar MUs were WWWWAAAAYYYYY better than last time. I did them 5-3-2 and they took only 52 seconds total. I want to try this one again after more 10″ def practice and more Bar MUs, I think I can get another 2 minutes faster on the 10″ and I think I can get the MUs unbroken next time. Video below:

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