DWM Tues 9/9/14

Tues 9/9/14:
Still recovering from the weekend, feeling better today, but not 100%. I left the camera at home, so I have no video of today.

I 7
C 6
E 9

The intensity lacked and I was a little scatter brained due to being tired, but I gave it a good go, especially since this wasn’t the easiest series of work to do sub-100%.

A. HB Back Squat – 5 x 1; rest 2:30 (heavy across…doesn’t have to be 1RM)
I hit 345 for all 5 reps. It felt pretty darn heavy for the first 2 and the 5th rep, but I don’t think that’s too poor of a result consider my 1RM is 375 on my best day.
B. Squat Snatch – 1 rep every 30sec @ 175 for 14 reps; rest 4min x2
This went pretty well. 175 felt heavy and I was missing my concentration on a few reps, but I only missed 3 total. I missed rep 6 forward during the first round, then missed number 2 forward and number 10 backward during round 2. I did make some really solid lifts during this session, even some late in the 2nd round.
For time
Overhead Squat @ 135#
*top time: 9:04
This one went the best of anything today, but I think this is right in my wheelhouse. I did all the OHS unbroken even with some major fatigue after the back squat and squat snatch. The muscle-ups started well, but not as good as I can do. I made the first 5 unbroken, then 2-2-1. The round of 6 was 2-2-1-1 because of a miss, the round of 4 was 2-1-1 because of a miss and the final round I did a 2 to finish. Time was 8:02.

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