DWM Wed 10/29/14

Wed 10/29/14:
More good food & sleep, feeling even better today.

10min AMRAP
Run 200m @ 85% effort
7 Burpees
Score: 6 rounds + 200m
No real trouble physically, I felt good. The transition from burpees to run was a little slow because I was opening & closing our door each round and I also had to deal with a trash truck in the parking lot getting in the way of my run on the first 2 rounds. Video below:

Rest-walk 5min
10min AMRAP
Row 250m @ 85% effort
30 Double-unders
Score: 6 rounds + 120m
This one definitely hurt worse than the first one. The row/DU combo started to add up pretty good. I wasn’t using my rope either, so I slipped up a couple times when I probably shouldn’t have. Video below:

Rest 5min
10min AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
7 GHD Sit-ups
200m Run @ 85% effort
Score: 4 rounds + 1 RC + 5 GHD
Once again I spent some serious time transitioning and there were some really loose screws on our GHD so I spent some solid time tightening those down by hand instead of doing reps, but my score wouldn’t have been much more, maybe add a little run at the end. This one was pretty good too, I felt better than the row/DU one in the middle. Video below:

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