DWM Wed 11/18/15

Wed 11/18/15:

Rest / Optional Swim Session (if you cannot fit in on Thursday) / Optional Long Easy Run
Rested here, took a 3 hour nap.

Wasn’t feeling my strongest today, maybe a little groggy from the long nap, but I needed the rest so I’m glad I took it.
A. Power Snatch – 5 singles @ 80-85%; rest as needed
Used an EMOM to work up to 175 in 20# increments starting at 75#. From there I hit singles at 185, 190, 195, 200×2 assuming a 100% power snatch of 235. Video below.

B. Squat Snatch – 5 singles @ 80-85%; rest as needed
Went with 205 for 3 and 215 for 2. Shoulders felt fatigued and I had a couple misses, just wasn’t feeling 100% on the snatch today. Video below.

A. HB Back Squat – 3,3,1,1; rest 3min (3’s moderate, 1’s build to MOD HEAVY)
Felt a little weak here today too. Weights & videos below.




4 Rounds for movement quality
20 OH Waling Lunge Steps @ 115-135#
20 TTB
These were good, it’s been years since I’ve done OH lunges, I liked them. Did 2 rounds at 115 & 2 rounds at 135. I was assuming this wasn’t for time because you said “movement quality” so I just went unbroken, but didn’t rush. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2 (second half of video showing TTB is pretty good here)

Round 3

Round 4 – OH Lunges

Round 4 – TTB (pretty good video I think for TTB movement demo, they’re not as good as in #2, but this is a better angle)

Stir The Pots – 3 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
ROMwod – 20min

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